Jingpo Museum

Jingpo Museum is the exact replica of the traditional Jingpo residential building in Dehong District, Yunan Province. The components were built by local craftsmen and were transported to Beijing for completion. The building work was completed in October 1993 and was open to the public in June 1994.

Jingpo Museum comprises Munao Square, Munao Pillar, main house, public house, village gate, granary, firewood house and ancestor worship platform. The museum is planned as a mountain village. The vegetation is also arranged according to local climate as well. The museum covers a total area of 2,327 square meters, the building area of 960 square meters and the Munao Square has area of 445 square meters.

All the exhibits presented in the museum retained the production and living style of Jinpo people. The items are collected from Dehong District, Yunan Province and can be dated back to late Qing Dynasty, about 200 years ago.

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