Hezhen Museum

Hezhen Museum is exact replica of dwellings in Sanjiang plain, Helongjiang province. It was built according to the traditional architecture, life style and construction technique. The construction work was completed in 1993 and the museum was open to the public in June 1994.

The museum consists of wood log wickiup, wood log cellar and fish deck. The buildings are arranged in a mountain village. The vegetation is arranged according to the local environment. The museum covers a building area of 107.14 square meters and ground area of 1,703.75 square meters.

Indoor and outdoor display of the Museum is live settings of traditional production, lifestyle of Hezhen. Items in exhibit were collected from Sanjiang plain area of Heilongjiang province. They cover a time span from the Qing Dynasty (1616-1911) to modern times, about three hundred years of history.

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