Tatar Museum

Tatar Museum is exact replica of traditional dwellings in Ili area of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomouse Region. The building was built by local craftsmen according to the national customs and traditional construction technology. The construction work started in 2008 and the museum was open to the public in the same year. 

Tatar Museum consists of three main rooms, a storage room, kitchen porch and outer corridor. The building complex is arranged in a residential courtyard environment of a family. The vegetation is cultivated according to local climate. The museum has a construction area of 113 square meters that covers a ground area of 300 square meters.

The indoor and outdoor displays of Tatar Museum are live settings according to the original production and lifestyle of Tatar. All exhibits are collected from Ili area of Xinjiang. They cover a time span from late Qing Dynasty (1616-1911) to modern times, about two hundred years of history.

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