Phoenix Lake Scenery

Phoenix Lake scenery area is one of the areas the landscapes of the Chinese Ethnic Park gathers, which is located in the south park of the Chinese Ethnic Park.

Landscape culture permeates all aspects of Chinese culture. From the tour around mountains and rivers to countless poems have been sent out for the beauty of mountains and rivers; from landscape paintings to gardening art of courtyards; scholars of past dynasties have expressed their feelings for mountains and rivers, officials and dignitaries have also mingle with men of letters and pose as a lover of culture. People's aesthetic demand to landscape of mountains and waters has gradually become an important element of national cultural spirit.

No scenery without mountains and rivers. It became the common sense of aesthetic appreciation of landscape.

The Chinese Ethnic Park was built on flat ground. The process of planning and construction of the park has fully absorbed the aesthetic characteristics of the Chinese scenery and the essence of gardening art. By digging lakes and building mountains, can we have the artificial landscape of the park.

There are two parks in the Chinese Ethnic Park, one in the north and one in the south. The Dragon Lake is the core of water system in the north park. The Phoenix Lake is the core of water system in the south park. Such arrangement is also implying the meaning of "Dragon and Phoenix become auspicious".

The Phoenix Lake area in the south park is surrounded by many landscapes. There are national building complex of Bai, Jino, Lisu, Pumi, Derung, Nu and Naxi on the west, the villages of Tujia, Zhuang and Mulao on the east. Triple Pagoda of Dali stand by the lake.

The water of the Phoenix Lake extends to south where the landscape and cultural of ethnic groups of northwest China is demontrated.


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