Mud Whistle: a toy for the folks

Mud whistle, also named nijiaojiao, ninigou, xiaonijiao and guguchong, is a toy for children that made of clay and mud. Most of them were made in a shape of colorful animal. There are pores for blowing air in and out respectively or a tube inserted with a tiny sound generation device.

The mud whistles are usually have a shape of monkey, dog, cow, horse, pig, chicken, pigeon, eagle, fish, turtle, frog, boy or baby girl.

The process of making a mud whistle is normally comprises soil drying, stirring, modelling, drying, painting, glazing and firing kiln.

Mud whistle is rooted in the life of folks and reveals the local culture of different regions. They are simple and elegant, vivid and colorful. The varieties are according to the location of make. There are some well known styles named after the name of place, e.g., Huang Ping, Huaiyang, Tongren, Yuhuazhai and Taiwan.

Mud whistles presented here are collected from Guizhou, Henan, Shanxi, Beijing and Taiwan. They were made in modern era.

The items displayed here include: Huangping mud whistle, Huaiyang mud whistle, Taiwan Jiaozhi pottery mud whistle, Tongren mud whistle and Yuhuazhai mud whistle.

Location: 2nd floor, Bai Branch Museum, South Park

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