Flowers on the Grasslands: Exhibition of plait adornments of Tibetan girls

In the summer of 2001 when a professional inspection team led by Mr Wang Ping, director of China Nationalities Museum, arrived in the Tibetan-inhabited area of Qinghai, they were deeply attracted not only by the magnificent plateau landscapes but also by the plait adornments hung on the back of the Tibetan girls. According to the local Tibetan people, when a girl is about 13 years old, the elders will hold for her the ceremony of “dai dun”. “Dai dun” is originated from the Tibetan language that means wearing the beautiful headdresses for a girl. When a girl wears such a plait adornment for the first time, it shows that she has grown up. Embroidered on the plait adornments are flowers on the grasslands as well as the flowers in their heart. What a beautiful plait adornment!

The plait adornments were brought back to the Museum with Director Wang Ping ......

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