The Jokhang Temple

Located in the middle of Lhasa city, Tibet, it was built for the sitting Buddhist statute carried by Princess Wencheng to Tibet when she was married to Songtsen Gampo, the Tibetan regime in 7th century. The temple is the most respected spiritual center for Tibetans. With a stone base and bricked wall, the building design compromises the merits of Tibetan, Han, India and Nepal styles.

The Jokhang Temple in our Museum is built in the real size after its original form. The main construction materials, murals, statutes and sutra pillars are all collected from Lhasa.

The Jokhang Temple is 14 meters high and has a gross area of 560 square meters. The temple has three stories. The first floor is Hufa Shrine, the second floor is Sutra Room and third floor is Living Buddha Cultivation Shrine. There are Tibetan Buddha live in the temple.

In April 1994, a senior Tibetan Buddha blessed this temple.










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