Impression on Grassland of Silk Road

At 10 AM in Febuary 18 of 2017, an exhibition "Impression on Grassland of Silk Road”opened at Bangkok Chiniese Culture Center. The exhibition is sponsored by Bangkok China Cultural Heritage Protection Foundation, and hosted by China Ethnic Park.

Former Vice Premier of Thailand and Chairman of the Thai-Chinese Cultural Promotion Committee, Benny Zaluzongba, Cultural Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, Chen jiang, Vice Minister of Culture of Thailand, Zhawila Gaitherstone, Director of the Chinese Cultural Center, Lan Suhong, Director of the China Association for International Cultural Exchange, Wang Hui, former Vice President of the Beijing Association for Foreign Cultural Exchange, and Cao Wen, Vice President of Beijing National Cultural Heritage Conservation Foundation, Vice President of China Ethnic Museum, Shen Nan, Executive Secretary of Beijing ethnic Cultural Heritage Conservation Foundation and Hong Baichuan, Chairman of Bangkok College of Beijing Language and Culture University attended the event.

The Silk Road is not only a commercial channel, but also a cultural channel. The Grassland Silk Road is an important part of the Silk Road. It is a major commercial and trade channel between the northern grasslands of China and the Eurasian continent. It is also an important channel for cultural exchange and blending between China and the West.

This exhibition aims at "Silk Road Spirit". Our country is not only pursuing its own development, but also focusing on the development of other countries to jointly establish the "Silk Road Economic Belt" for the benefit of the people along the way. Our country has formed a relationship of equality, mutual benefit, unity and trust in the course of long-term exchanges with Thailand, in which all our undertakings have been developed together.

The exhibition focuses on the features and Humanities of the Silk Road on the grassland. It shows more three-dimensional, more prominent and vivid the mysterious ethnic group living on the grassland, the Mongolian nationality, through the combination of pictures, physical objects and intangible cultural heritage exhibitions, i.e. songs, dances, traditional musical instrument performance, traditional ethnic costume display. All these displayed the colorful national culture.


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