The Exhibition of Rice and Chinese Culture in Canada

2004 is the United Nations International Year of Rice. The China Ethnic Museum and the Loch Lomond Park, the Botanical Gardens in Montreal, Canada, jointly organized an exhibition "Rice and Chinese culture". Wang Ping, the President of China Ethnic Museum, Xie Lihong, the Vice President took part the opening ceremony held in Loch Lomond Park. Chu guangyou, the counselor of Chinese Embassy to Canada attended the ceremony. The president of Montreal Botanical Garden, director of Loch Lomond park, former Canadian ambassador to China, director of Chinese State Ethnic Affairs Commission are also attended. The local new press reported the event.


Lomond Park, also known as Chinese Garden, located in the Montreal Botanical Garden, is an important part of botanical gardens. Since the establishment in 1991, has engaged in cultural exchange activities. Some programs had been operated such as Chinese silk culture, antique furniture, tea culture exhibition, Chinese Lantern Festival and Chinese ethnic dance performances. It became an important window of Chinese culture in North America. Lomond Park is a considerable ingenuity of the Suzhou gardens, bridges, lakes, stone paths and pavilions are nestled in the woods and flowers. "Rice and Chinese Culture" exhibition is located in three buildings in the park.

Chinese State Ethnic Affairs Division and the Lomond Park maintained friendly relations and cooperation more than ten years. The Chinese State Ethnic Affairs Division promoted the cooperation between the museum and the park possible. The museum provided more than 60 pieces of Chinese traditional rice farming implements and rice processing tools to the exhibition.

China has a long history and rich culture in the in rice cultivation. "Rice and Chinese Culture" exhibition presented the people of this regard by objects, pictures, data and scenes. The English and French explanation are also available to describes the history of Chinese rice, rice planting process, Chinese traditional rice culture and the importance of rice production to Chinese economic development. Canada has a population of 30 million and the majority of people are rice consumers. It is unfortunate that Canadian people, so does the overseas Chinese in Canada, have less acquaintance with the rice culture because the rice is not grown in Canada. As the exhibition opened, the audience flocked.

"Rice and Chinese culture" exhibition jointly sponsored by Chinese Ethnic Museum is not only promoted the Chinese rice culture abroad but also make more people understand China and Chinese culture. The experiences of cooperation with Canadian counterparts are also beneficial. 

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