Zhuang Nationality in Brief

​Chinese Phonetic Alphabet (Pinyin): zhuàng

English Translation1: Zhuang

Population & Distribution2: Total population is 16,926,381, mainly distributed in the area of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Yunnan Province and Guangdong Province. Zhuang is the most populous ethnic group in China.

Spoken and Written Language: Zhuang language belongs to the Zhuang-Dai branch, the Zhuang-Dong group of the Chinese-Tibetan language family. Written language system is preserved.

Major Industry: They mainly engaged in farming and sidelined with hunting, fishing and handicrafts.

Major Religious Beliefs: Zhuang people believe in primitive religion, Buddhism or Taoism.

Traditional Festivals: The most important festival of Zhuang is the Third of March by lunar calendar.

Note 1: The English names of nationalities are compiled according to the usage of the Internet and written materials.

Note 2: The distribution of ethnic population and regions is cited from the computer aggregated data of the 2010 census of China.

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