About the Ethnic Groups of China

The Chinese nation has a long history. Since ancient times, the ancestors of the Chinese people of all nationalities have worked, lived and multiplied on our motherland, and jointly contributed their talents to the Chinese civilization and the establishment of a unified, multi-ethnic country.

The vast and rich land of the motherland is jointly developed by the people of all ethnic groups in China. From Xia, Shang, Zhou to Qin and Han Dynasties, when the Han's ancestors, Huaxia people, developed the Yellow River Basin, the ancestors of various ethnic minorities also developed the surrounding areas. The ethnic groups living in Donghu, Sushen, Yilou, Fuyu and Wuhuan in the northeast of China are in the vast areas of the present three northeast provinces. The ethnic groups of Xianyun, Di, Xiongnu and Xianbei in the north of China are in the present Mongolian grassland, the northern part of North China and some areas in the northwest of China. The ethnic groups of "Chengguo Country" such as Qiuzi, Yutan and Shanshan in the western region are in the present Xinjiang region, the northwest of China. The Rong, Qiang and Di ethnic groups live in the present Tibetan and Qinghai regions. The Miao, Pu, Wulingman, Changshaman and Baiyue ethnic groups in the South live in the southeastern part of the Yangtze River valley. The ancestors of Li and Gaoshan ethnic groups live in Hainan Island and Taiwan respectively. One branch of the Yue ethnic groups now live in Hong Kong and Macao. With hard work of all nationalities, laid the foundation for the establishment of a unified multi-ethnic country.

The English translation is based the original Chinese contents extracted from the website of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission of the People's Republic of China: http://www.seac.gov.cn/

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