Tibetan Jokhang Temple

Jokhang Temple is exact replica of the Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet. It consists of the main hall and side halls on both sides to form a U shaped blockhouse. The main hall has two stories and part of the side hall has three stories. There are wooden ladders with handrails to access the upper floors. The hall for guardian of Buddhism is located first floor of the main hall and four Buddha's Warrior Attendants are painted on the front wall. The Buddhist sutra hall is located on the second floor and the lacquer painted statue of Tibetan Buddhists are enshrined in the hall. The complete set of Tripitaka is stored in the body of statues. There are separated sutra halls located on the first and second floor of side halls on the left. The lacquer painted statue of Tibetan Buddhists are enshrined in these halls as well. The third floor is the place that Living Buddha practices the Buddhist. The Jokhang Temple was blessed by Tibetan Buddhist monk when the building work completed. There are Tibetan monks living in the temple to practice the Buddhist.

Location: Tibetan Museum in North Park

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