Drum Tower of Dong

The drum tower is a unique landmark of a Dong village. It is a token of unity and the place for meetings and public gatherings of villagers.

There is a cowhide drum located on the top floor of the tower. The prototype of the tower is based on the drum towers in Congjiang and Liping region of Guizhou province.

Features of the towers located in Nantong region, located at the junction of three provinces, Guizhou, Hunan and Guangxi are also adapted. The tower is 37 meters high, 14 meters in diameter.

It is a building partially on stilt with 17 layers of stacked roof eaves and octagonal shaped. The outline of the building looks similar to the pagodas built in early Qing Dynasty (1616-1839).

The building was built with China fir and constructed by means of tenons and no nail or rivet is applied. The part of the tower base is built on earth and others built over the water. It looks tall and grand and is able to be seen far from the park. 





Location: Dong Museum in North Park

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