The Mosque of Xinjiang

Mosque is exact replica of the traditional mosque located the street of Kashgar in the south part of Xinjiang Autonomous Area. It is timber-brick structured building consisting two parts, the main building and the kiosk of mosque.

The main building includes worship hall and the minaret. There is a concave wall in the center of the hall under the minaret. The main gate with bipartition door leaves is located on the south. The door is closed when there is no religious service.

A crescent moon is up on the top of main minaret and four smaller minarets are places where the imam calling for the religious service. An open mat shelter is located on top of the mosque with plaster carvings in relief on the walls.

The roof of the mat shelter is supported by five thick wooden columns and surrounded by wooden guardrail. The mosque was built by polished bricks with beautiful patterns. The eaves and the columns of the corridors are painted in brown, yellow, red and blue colors with Islamic-style patterns.








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